Pench Tiger Project    31-Aug-2021
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The Pench tiger reserve is managing entire 741.21 sq.KM area of the park for its all aspects including Habitat development, Protection, Wildlife monitoring. The PTR is being managed as per the NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) approved management plan as per the Section 38 V of the Wild Life (Protection) Act 1972.
Habitat Management: 
Habitat management is key to the management of any wildlife management. PTR undertakes various activities of habitat management such as Meadow development, waterhole creation, and maintenance, weed removal, etc. View photos
Active Management:
PTR is using the various tools of Active management like MSTrIPES ensuring the staff monitoring as well as capturing and documenting the wild life movement and issues related with forest protection. Furthermore, PTR is also experimenting various innovative aspect in wild life management such as Re-Wilding of Tigers etc. The only Re-wilding of Tiger Enclosure in Maharashtra is at Titralmangi area in Pench TR Maharashtra. The BOMA Structures are used for capturing wild herbivores for scientific experiments of re-wilding. The mitigation structures on NH-44 (Earlier NH-7) which is first mitigation structure in the country is the largest mitigation structure built ever all over the world. To prevent the anti-eletrocution, all the electric lines are being covered under aerial bunch caballing. View photos
Protection & Anti-Poaching Activities:
Being at vital point where corridors of Kanha, Tadoba, Satpuda, Navegaon-Nagzira & Bor tiger reserves get joined, Pench is always vigil about poaching activities. Illegal fishing issue in the Totladoh reservoir is a matter of concern which is being handled by the park very effectively. View photos
Maha-Pench leading in eco-tourism activities where 6 safari gates namely Sillari, Khursapar, Kolitmara, Chorbahuli, Khubala & Surewani provides livelihood to local forest dwellers and push forward the overall economic development of the area. The Pench Tiger Conservation Foundation is registered for utilising the tourism receipt is used for the overall development of wild life and landscape. View photos
Pench buffer area includes 44. Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukharjee Jan Van Vikas Yojana scheme is implemented in 32 villages where Skill development, Employment generation, Capacity building activities are being done for targeted locals. View photos
Monitoring & Research:
The tiger population in Maha-Pench is on increasing trends. The first scientific camera trapping report of the area is of 2008 where 9 Tiger individuals were captured while in latest report submitted by Wildlife Institute of India in 2020, number of Tigers are now 39! Maha-Pench follows all activities mentioned in Phase wise monitoring of Tiger & other wildlife as prescribed by NTCA & guidelines given by state Government. View photos
Education & Outreach Programs:
The necessity of conservation education in the tiger-bearing areas is dealt with priority. The programs like Nisarganubhav where students are welcomed for jungle visit and a stay, Exposure visits of Locals, Journalists, various wild life days celebrations and events in Wildlife week arranged for biodiversity education. An Innovative scheme launched in Pench landscape as ‘Van Adhyapak’ involves training and sensitization of the local students on wild life related issues through forest staff and other volunteering teachers in schools of the landscape. View photos