Executive Committee

Pench Tiger Project    31-Aug-2021
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The affairs of the Foundation is administered subject to the rules and regulations and orders of the Foundation, by an Executive Committee, which shall consist of the following:
a) Field Director, Pench Tiger Resene - Chairperson.
b) Depute Director/ACF Pench. Pench Tiger Reserve - Member Secretary
c) Secretary Representative of Eco-development Committee, Sillari - Member
d) Representative of Eco-development Committee, kolitmara - Member
e) Sarpanch of one of the villages within the jurisdiction of PTR - Member
f) Range Forest officer, East Pench - Member
g) Range Forest officer, West Pench - Member
Functions and Powers of the Executive Committee
1. Endeavor to achieve the objectives of the Foundation and discharge all its functions.
2 The Executive Committee shall have under its control the management of all the affairs and funds of the Foundation.
3. Executive committee shall decide the tariff of the ecotourism complex/nature awareness complexes, nature camp excluding the forest rest houses.
Perform such functions as are assigned to it by the Govering Body